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What is Green Baby Elephant?

Green Baby Elephant began in 2010 after the birth of my second baby. I started Green Baby Elephant to be a source for cloth diapers and natural baby products in my community, Tucson, AZ. Green Baby Elephant is a home-based, online business, but don't think that I sit at home surrounded by all of the wonderful soft diapers that I stock. I do in home consults, cloth diaper parties, and attend community events. Green Baby Elephant is here to make cloth diapering easy for today's busy families. Forget spending hours upon hours online reading reviews & watching videos. Schedule your consult or diaper party & begin diapering your little one. Once you see modern cloth diapers in person, you'll realize how easy it is to ditch the disposable habit.

Who is Green Baby Elephant?
Green Baby Elephant is run by a dedicated Mama to 3 busy boys.
I have over 5  {and counting} years of cumulative cloth diapering experience to share with you! My decision to cloth diaper my babies wasn't based on the usual motivators: money, environment, and health benefits. Cloth diapering my second baby was completely unintentional. My thoughts on cloth diapers were limited to pins, prefolds, & plastic pants. I was so sure that this is what cloth diapers was all about that I never even googled cloth diapers until I saw them for the first time at my baby shower. I was given a set of cloth diapers by my mom at a {disposable} diaper shower held in honor of my second son's birth. Even after receiving cloth diapers as a gift I was on the fence about using them. You could even say I was scared or intimidated about using cloth diapers. I couldn't imagine what do to with the poo. The poo was my biggest hang up. So the brand new diapers sat on my laundry room floor for a month before my sister took the initiative and washed them without telling me. After seeing how cute my son looked in his fluffy diaper, I was hooked. His diaper rash quickly cleared up. We didn't need to use any crazy strong diaper rash ointments. We also didn't live in fear of diaper blow-outs any longer. The kind of blow outs that go out the legs and up the back, especially while sitting in the car seat! I also enjoyed washing his diapers. For some reason I found it to be very satisfying to wash and hang out clean diapers. And that feeling is still with me even while diapering my 3rd and most recent baby. While researching cloth diapers, I noticed that there wasn't a resource in Tucson. I spent countless hours reading blogs, websites, and watching YouTube videos while searching for the 'perfect' cloth diaper. I have tried A LOT of diapers. Some I like and they are stocked in the shop and some I didn't like. I started Green Baby Elephant to be a cloth diaper resource for moms. Green Baby Elephant is the alternative to spending hours online researching cloth diapers. I offer in-home consultations, diaper parties with mama friends, and I frequently vend at different public events. Let Green Baby Elephant help you with cloth diapering your little one. Thank you for your support!

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